Yoga for IBS...A Gentle Exercise to Relieve IBS Symptoms

More doctors are starting to recommend yoga for IBS. Any type of exercise can provide relief for symptoms of IBS, however yoga seems to top the list of the exercises that can have the most benefit to IBS sufferers. Yoga is stimulating to the mind and body, providing gentle movements to increase circulation and reduce stress. It provides relaxation to the mind by helping you to focus on fine movements as well as a short meditation session at the end of each practice.

The gentle movement of yoga may be all that is needed to help stop the pain and cramps you may be having because of IBS.

One time, when I was experiencing a particularly rough morning with IBS, the last thing I felt like doing was attending a morning yoga class, but I went anyway. The studio I attend is wonderfully relaxing, with the lights turned down low and soothing music playing softly in the background. While waiting for class to begin, I was able to relax on my mat, but I was still experiencing constant abdominal pain.

The class started and I just figured I would do as well as I could. Before I knew it, we were halfway through the class and WAIT! My pain was gone!

After class, I had to thank my instructor. Without going into great detail about my condition, I told her that the abdominal pain I had before class, magically disappeared within 30 minutes. She recommended some poses to try at home, with an emphasis on spinal twists.

Check out GAIAM Life for more information on this pose and others that are helpful. Try these poses along with some gentle, flowing movement to help relieve your IBS symptoms. If you have never taken a yoga class, try a gentle or slow flow class to give you an idea on how to practice at home and to help you gain the full benefits of yoga to help with your IBS.

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