Prunes for IBS - A Great Natural Remedy!

Prunes for IBS? It sounds old fashioned and something your grandmother would recommend for an IBS natural remedy, but it works if you are having a lot of trouble with constipation. Because of their reputation for only being useful for relief of constipation, many companies have stopped using the word prunes, and switched to the term “dried plums", although they are the same thing.

Prunes are high in fiber and antioxidants. The have a good amount of soluble fiber, which is important for IBS sufferers in providing bulk to the stools. They are fat free and contain valuable minerals including boron, iron, copper, potassium, and magnesium.

The natural sugar in prunes, called sorbitol helps to loosen the stool. The soluble fiber helps to bulk the stool. This is the ideal combination for those with IBS.

Prune juice has also been used for years as a relief for constipation. This may be a more desirable way to get constipation relief, but the juice does not contain as much fiber as prunes. The juice contains a substance called dihydroxyphenyl isatin which stimulates the intestines. It may be too harsh for some and does not give you the fiber health benefits of whole prunes.

When using prunes for IBS with constipation, you only need about five a day, more or less, depending on your body. Slowly work up to this amount until your body gets used to them. You can eat them as a bedtime snack and they help get things moving just in time for morning. They are sweet enough, too, to help prevent the late night snacking on something less healthy.

Some prunes you buy in the grocery store can be gooey and sticky. Unless they are organic, they will most likely contain a preservative called potassium sorbate.

I prefer my prunes to be organic and free of preservatives. Newman's Own Organics sells the tastiest and at the best price. I have only been able to find them on Amazon, where you get six bags in a package. The price is certainly right compared to the ones you will find at a health food store.

After opening the bag, I put them in the fridge to keep them firm and fresh, because I don't like the ones that are really gooey and sticky. I have even been able to get my kids to eat them, either whole, or chopped and put in their morning cereal or oatmeal.

Enjoy this tasty and healthy natural remedy for IBS, but keep in mind: NOT TOO MUCH!

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