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Isn't it nice to know you are not alone in your struggles with IBS? Here is a place where you can share your stories, embarrassing moments, anger and frustration with the medical community, or even a funny story!

I like to try to find something funny in any situation. It may be my strange way of coping, but it does help! I think back to the bittersweet day that I had the daunting task of telling my mother that the doctors could no longer treat her cancer and they would be putting her on the hospice program. We talked through it for awhile, then we started joking about how she was going to play tricks on us from heaven. This felt like the most meaningful conversation I had had with my mother in months. The laughter felt like such a release.

Oh, but back to a funny story....

I was at the hospital anxiously awaiting my SECOND colonoscopy. I had been placed in a room, lying on a gurney, wearing my pretty (not really!) hospital gown. The surgical nurse came in and started the usual prep for me, inserting an IV in my arm, etc. I just blurted out, "When can I get the drugs? I need a little vacation from myself!" The nurse just laughed and said, "Yep, that will be the best part of your day!" We laughed more, as I asked him if he was able to get free samples? All the joking and laughing really helped me relax. Who knew a colonoscopy could be so much fun???

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