IBS Pain Relief...There is Help!

IBS pain relief can be achieved. Along with all of its inconveniences, I think the pain from IBS has to be the worst. It's one thing to be uncomfortable and constantly in the bathroom, but when there is abdominal pain from the gas and bloating, it just feels impossible to get through the day, or in my case, the evening, when my pain was always at its worse.

The following are the many methods I have tried for pain relief. Everyone is different, so give each one a try to see what works for you. Most likely you will use a few in combination.

Stop It Before It Starts!

The best way to get IBS pain relief is to prevent it from starting in the first place. I have two amazing methods that truly work and have kept me virtually pain free.

Food Combining – I thought it was a fad diet, or some crazy idea

someone had, but when you are in pain ALL THE TIME, you become desperate for IBS pain relief. So I gave it a try with absolutely AMAZING results! The concept has been around for awhile and is backed by science. Please at least give this one a try!

Digestive enzymes – I read that abdominal pain, gas and bloating are the result of undigested food passing through the digestive system. One desperate day, I was standing at a Whole Foods in front of the supplements for digestion. Too embarrassed to ask for assistance, I just loaded my basket with a bunch of different items. One of them was Beano.

I never really knew what Beano was, but when I found out it was a digestive enzyme to help your body process more than just beans, I thought it was worth a shot. Again, AMAZING results! Give it a try!

You should be able to get permanent IBS pain relief with the above two methods. If not, or if you should have an “off day” (everybody does - it's just your body's way of telling you to slow down and take a look at what you need to change), there are ways to help the IBS pain.

What To Do If The Pain Starts

Pain medication – You can always reach for the Advil or Tylenol. These are both effective at relieving pain, even in your gut. Advil and Tylenol can be irritating to the stomach and the relief will not be permanent, but it will get you through the next few hours to help you function.

Your gastroenterology doctor can prescribe antispasmodic medication which will also help with the pain. I usually take this as a last resort, since the side effects can leave you feeling a little loopy.

Heat Pads and Heat Wraps – If you are at home and are able to just sit and relax, an electric heating pad is very soothing to IBS pain. After about 10 or 15 minutes with the heat pad placed directly on your abdomen, you should notice your pain greatly reduced. Maybe you could even listen to a relaxation or hypnotherapy program while you enjoy the healing benefits of the heat.

For on the go, I have found the ThermaCare heat wraps helpful to place on your abdomen, but this does not work quite as well as a heating pad. Take some heat wraps with you in a bag or in the car whenever you travel. I have used the ThermaCare wrap for menstrual pain, but men, you may want to purchase the wraps for neck and shoulders to avoid embarrassment!

Herbal Teas – Soothing and enjoyable to the senses, sip some of the teas recommended for IBS all day to help keep pain away. These herbal teas help with digestion, and can relax painful spasms.

Massage – A regular massage can be such good therapy for many reasons, not just IBS pain. It helps relieve stress, spasms and cramping, and increases circulation. Plus it feels good!

Like many of us, if you are not able to afford the expense of the time and money for a weekly massage, there are some gentle massages you can give to yourself when you are feeling IBS pain.

After making fists with your hands, use a circular motion with your knuckles pressed against your abdomen. Work your way all around the lower abdomen. You may even want to use some warming massage oil. Try to take at least 5 minutes to do this, but any amount of time can be helpful.

Hypnotherapy - It may sound like a strange way to help your IBS, but the benefits go well beyond pain relief.

Yoga - A yoga class, whether it be a gentle flow or a bit more fast paced class, has never failed to provide IBS pain relief. Click here to learn about the physical and mental benefits yoga can have on your IBS symptoms.

Acupuncture – Science is slowly discovering that acupuncture is an effective way to relieve chronic pain. Whether it works effectively for IBS pain or not, they are not sure. In my own case, I am sure it is just one of the many factors that have contributed to my IBS pain relief. I believe it certainly is worth a try and can only compliment all the other methods you may be using for IBS treatment.

I wouldn't wish IBS pain on anyone. I am sure one or, most likely, a combination of these methods will work for you.

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