Hypnotherapy for IBS can Calm and Soothe your Mind to get Relief

Hypnotherapy for IBS is not like in the movies or television. where a person being hypnotized become spell like, and are under complete control of the hypnotherapist. They may end up doing silly things, like barking like a dog, every time a certain word is mentioned. Is this really hypnotherapy? Of course not, but it makes for a more interesting plot, for sure.

Hypnotherapy for IBS is completely different. Hypnosis puts you in a meditative state with deep relaxation, leaving your mind and body open to healing suggestions. You are not unconscious and under anyone's control. You can stop anytime.

There are no side effects except total relaxation and a greater ability to heal from your IBS symptoms.

Gut Feeling

Have you ever had a “gut feeling” about something? Whether this feeling was good or bad, it certainly is a useful phrase in describing the scientifically proven mind-body connection. Hypnotherapy helps to address this issue and related emotions associated with IBS, such as a constant preoccupation, anxiety, and worry about their IBS symptoms. The pain alone from IBS has caused me to be in a bad mood and isolate myself. There have been those bad days, when my symptoms were at their worst, when I just wanted to be left alone.

There have been several scientific studies done to confirm the effectiveness in hypnotherapy for the treatment of IBS. It has been shown to provide long term relief from IBS symptoms, as well as a treatment for stress and anxiety.

Micheal Mahony is an expert in hypnotherapy for IBS. He has researched and practiced 'gut specific' hypnotherapy for many years. Gut specific you ask? This type of hypnotherapy focuses on the brain and gut connection as it relates to IBS.

His CD program is extremely relaxing. You do not need to do anything but relax and listen. I am in the middle of the 100 day program and have already been able to notice when my stress level is affecting my stomach and how to calm it down.

When I am stressed, the first thing I used to do if reach for food! And it is always junk food. The combination of putting junk food into a stressed out stomach was a recipe for disaster. The hypnotherapy program has helped me to more easily recognize when I am feeling stress and prevent me from automatically reaching for food to calm myself.

I thoroughly enjoy the time I spend listening to the soothing voice on the Hypnotherapy for IBS. I especially like the life long benefit I am getting for going through the program.

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