Digestive Enzymes Stop the Pain, Gas and Bloating of IBS

Once I discovered digestive enzymes, I was absolutely amazed at how well they worked on so many of my IBS symptoms especially the pain, bloating, and excessive gas. I wondered why not even one of the many doctors I went to see for my condition, never suggested a digestive enzyme. How could this valuable and all natural supplement be overlooked time and again by those that are supposed to know the most?

Well, enough of my ranting, and on to all the benefits of these enzymes.

What is all this talk about Enzymes and... Why do we need them for Digestion?

Digestive enzymes are made naturally in your body and they help

to break down food, gather the nutrients from the food, and then pass it through your system. If you are having gas, bloating and pain after meals, you most likely are not digesting the foods properly. And of course, food that is not digested properly, will lead you to problems further down in the colon, such as diarrhea and constipation.

As we age, these enzymes become depleted. Also, stress, environmental pollution, processed and junk food, make it more difficult for our bodies to produce the enzymes we need. That is why supplementation is so important to our digestive and overall health.

Here is a very general overview of some of the enzymes we need to break down foods.

Amylase – breaks down starch into sugar

Protease – one of many enzymes that help break down protein

Lipase – breaks down fats

Lactase – breaks down lactose (found in dairy products)

Cellulase – aids in the digestion of fiber from fruits and vegetables

Bromelain – found in pineapple, it helps break down protein

Pepsin – helps break down protein

Papain – found in papaya, it helps break down protein

Alpha Galactosidase – the main ingredient in Beano, breaks down those gassy complex carbohydrates, like beans, fresh vegetables and whole grain bread.

Remember, these supplements are all natural. They are not drugs, so you can feel safe and worry free of harmful side effects.

So, do we really need to supplement with all these enzymes? My suggestion for you is to start with Beano, like I did, with remarkable results! Take two right before each meal. If you do not find Beano helpful within a few days, you can find supplements that contain all or most of the enzymes listed above in one tablet.

For even further discussion on digestive enzymes, as well as other important enzymes, check out enzymeessentials.com

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