All Natural Aloe AMP for IBS Relief

What is Aloe AMP for IBS? It starts with the aloe plant, which grows in the desert and looks like a cactus. It has been used for over 3000 years in ancient Greece and Egypt as an aid in wound healing and constipation. In the US, it can be seen in products that treat sunburn and dry skin.

As it turns out, this same natural remedy that you may have used for sunburn, is also good for treating intestinal disorders. However, the juice of the aloe plant is not recommended for those of us with IBS because it can be too harsh for our sensitive digestive system and can have a laxative effect! That is where AMP for IBS can help.

The Healing Agent

Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharide or AMP is an isolated and concentrated healing agent from the Aloe Plant. The mucopolysaccharides in AMP aide in improving the function of the immune system. However, the laxative component (called aloin) of the aloe plant has been removed.

The people at a company called Serovera have isolated and concentrated this healing agent into supplement form. It is all natural and made from the aloe plant. The Serovera staff are very professional, knowledgeable and provide great customer service. They have even helped me with questions I have had related to dosage and helping me find the right dosage for me. They also offer a high quality probiotic and soluble fiber supplement.

When I first started using Serovera AMP, it only took about a week for me to start noticing a great improvement in my IBS symptoms. My IBS continued to improve, and within 30 days, along with the other natural remedies I was using, I was feeling great! After I had finished the first bottle, I decided to take a break to see if the improvement was just a coincidence and related to something else I had done. Within a couple of days, my IBS returned in full force. I now try not to let there be a lapse in my order, because when you are free from IBS for a time, you tend to forget how miserable you were when you had it! Thank goodness it only takes a few days for the product to work and the relief to begin. I never want to be without my AMP again!

Irritable Bowel Treatment

You can check out their website with all the valuable information and reports on the numerous benefits of AMP at

Along with all of the natural remedies for IBS that I recommend, I suggest trying this product for 30 days. You should definitely see great improvement within that time.

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