There are Ways to Treat IBS - Naturally!

If you suffer from IBS, this is the right place for you to:

  • Find helpful advice on getting relief from your symptoms

  • Find the right doctor to help you on your journey

  • Avoid medications as much as possible

  • Use natural and home remedies to alleviate your symptoms

  • Understand why and how you have this condition

  • Know you are not alone!
  • Let me share what I have learned to help you on your journey with IBS.

    My Story

    I have had a sensitive stomach my whole 40+ years of life.  Recently, I experienced a very stressful year of trying to come to terms with my son and his special needs, along with taking care of my mother who was dying of cancer. I believe that is what sent me into a full blownalt text case of IBS.  My gut was hurting EVERY DAY, and by evening, I would sometimes be so bloated, I looked and felt like I had gained 10 pounds in one day!

    Probably the most frustrating thing about IBS is that the medical community doesn't really know what to do with you when you have pain, gas, abdominal bloating, sometimes constipation; sometimes diarrhea, (or both), and just plain exhaustion.  And most doctors are not trained in natural remedies and treatments, so you may be left in the dark about how to get relief.

    It's not cancer, but now what?

    I wanted to make sure I did not have cancer, so I had the great pleasure (joking) of enduring three ultrasounds, a CT scan, and, oh what fun, an endoscopy and colonoscopy.  When nothing was discovered, I breathed a sign of relief, and I then asked myself, “Now what?” I tried probiotics, lots of fiber and restrictive diets.  Again, none of these were effective and all those diet restrictions became very difficult to follow. There are medications that treat the problem, but only moderately. For me, the medication I tried caused worse side effects (headache, dizziness, spacey feeling, sleepiness) than the disorder itself.  And I am the kind of person who really doesn't want to be on a medication if I do not have to be. 

    There are also plenty of over the counter products, but they will only slightly relieve your symptoms.  The natural remedies that I will discuss will actually treat your disorder, not just the symptoms.

    Finally, Some Answers

    My mother passed on after 10 months of me caring for her.  I was full of grief, and my symptoms were more severe than ever.  I didn't feel like doing much, so I stayed in a lot.  This gave me the time I needed to do more research and learn how I could possibly get some relief. Through my searching, I have found home remedies and natural remedies to use EVERY DAY to effectively treat IBS the natural way.  


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